With rising power costs, it’s more important than ever to adopt smart behaviours to increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioning system. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your system can also prolong the life of your investment and ensure optimum operating conditions.

Consider your set temperature..... Setting your system to cool to 18° will not cool any quicker that setting it to 24° on a hot day. A setting of 18° will have your system working longer to achieve a temperature that may not be reachable. Also try setting your system to 25° compared to 23° or 24° during peak conditions. Each degree your raise your setting will increase the efficiency of your system.

Regular Maintenance..... Regular preventative maintenance inspections will ensure your system is operating under its optimum conditions. A simple dirty filter can affect air flows and refrigerant running pressures, causing increased power consumption. If able, we recommend your filters be cleaned every three months. A domestic air conditioner should be maintained by a professional at least once a year, while commercial systems will vary depending on the application.

Take control of heat loads..... Do your best to control excessive heat loads to your conditioned space. Closing window coverings, blinds and awning will reduce the amount heat transferred into your home. If you have a ducted system, closing zones and doors to areas not being used will also increase efficiency.

Use the Cooling or Heating mode..... Most air conditioning systems have an ‘Auto’ mode which cycles the system between cooling and heating. This function can sometimes switch between either cycle, especially during a change of season, keeping the motor under load. It can also lead to some confusion in general setting for the operator. We recommend you set your system to “Cooling” during summer months and “Heating” during winter months.

The simple things..... Keep your eye on the weather forecast. If you know it is going to be a hot day, and you are going to be occupying your home, turn on your system in the morning rather than waiting until you feel you need too. It is easier for your system to maintain your desired temperature, than having to work hard to achieve it. The same principle applies to leaving your home. If you are only heading out for a short period, leave your system running rather than switching it off. Once again, your system will find it easier to maintain the temperature rather than letting the home heat up and having to convert the temperature back to your set point.


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