Enjoy air con with individual room temperature control accessible on your smartphone.

Do you hate coming home to a hot house or waking up to a cold one? Can’t bear the heat and humidity of typical Gold Coast summers? Say hello to MyAir Series 5, the latest in air conditioning technology that can make your home the ultimate comfort zone all year round.

Why should you choose MyAir?

MyAir 5 Air Con Installation, Gold Coast

MyAir Series 5 is a ducted air conditioning control system that offers you air conditioning versatility like you’ve never seen before.

Ever get stuck in traffic on your way home? You can set up your AC system while waiting so you can be greeted with the perfect room temperature upon your arrival. The system is managed from a simple to use app that can be accessed remotely through your smartphone or tablet.

Also, unlike your other run of the mill AC options, MyAir allows you to control the temperature in each individual room of your house. You have total control over which rooms have AC turned on, to what temperature and for how long.

MyAir installation specialists are few & far between on the Gold Coast, thankfully the team at Think Cooling is here to help. If the versatility of such a system sounds good to you, reach out to us on 1300 692 472 to arrange a free in home appraisal  , have us review your building plans or to receive a free quote.


Energy efficiency with MyAir


Australia’s harsh climate, and the heat levels typical of the Gold Coast, present a number of problems for many air conditioning systems. Systems that work on cooling an entire house down, or even zones of three or four rooms at a time, can be very energy and cost intensive in the long run.

MyAir offers greater energy and cost efficiency as it not only allows you to target individual rooms for your AC, but you can also set each room to different temperatures and you can program each of them to turn off at different times.

If that’s not impressive enough, the MyAir system also comes with motion sensors which allow the system to save even more energy by automatically adjusting temperatures based on which areas of the house are actually being occupied.

It is a complete home hub designed to make your home life as comfortable as it can be.


MyAir Series 5 features


  • 8-inch touchscreen control panel (that doubles as an Android tablet) to become a central home hub.
  • 10 independent temperature control zones.
  • Remote controlled access from a smartphone or tablet so you can turn on your AC before you start the journey home or perhaps while watching TV, without even leaving the couch.
  • Eliminating cold and hot spots in your house no matter the time of day or position of the sun.
  • Control the airflow versatility with a minimum of 5% up to 100% in any room.
  • Motion sensors and individual temperature control sensors for saving energy and money.
  • Precision air management with MyAir’s patented Exact Air Regulator system.
  • Australian made components, purpose built to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions.

MyAir Series 5 vs Standard AC Sytems


How do I know if MyAir is the right fit for me?


If you’re looking for a cooling or heating solution for a single room, a small apartment or for an open plan office space or living area, you may be better suited to a split system air conditioning solution.

If you’re looking for an AC solution suitable for an apartment building or for a building with limited space for outdoor units, you might find a multi-split reverse cycle air conditioner  better suited to your needs.

My Air is a ducted air conditioning control system. If you’re looking for cooling or heating throughout your entire home, without all the fancy bells and whistles, we have other ducted AC systems available as well.

MyAir installation specialists are hard to come by on the Gold Coast, thankfully the team at Think Cooling is here to help. If you’re not sure which system is best suited to your needs, reach out to us on 1300 692 472 to arrange a free in home appraisal, have us review your building plans or to receive a free quote.


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